Career Management

We’ll help you by constructing the most suitable program for you by learning about who you are and defining what you want and mapping out a career strategy with different career coaching modules and/or one-to-one sessions to fast-track your career.

Career Counselling Services

One-on-one consultation with our experienced Career Coach to discuss your career direction and your career issues, providing career advice to map out your strategic career plan, a clarification on your career development objectives and suggestions on your potential career directions if you are in between opportunities.

Executive Coaching

All of Modern Trainers’ Executive coaching packages are individually tailored to achieve your desired outcomes and specified needs. Topics can range from a self-perception assessment and business diagnostic through to developing ongoing career and personal goals with appropriate strategies and plans including “self-marketing”.

Coaching Workshops

We provide a four-stage personal coaching program. The first two sessions will focus on how you manage yourself and the last two sessions will cover how you handle relationships with others in regard to personal and professional communications.

Effective Communication & Active Listening

Focuses on improving the basic techniques of effective communication and listening skills. Listening is not the same as hearing; hence, active listening ability not only refers to getting the words being spoken but also how they are being delivered including non-verbal messages sent with them.

Relationship Building & Managing Your Talk

Social competencies starting with building and developing connections in communication. In other words, we are looking at effective ways to manage relationships.