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Modern Trainers is a dynamic, result-oriented London-based career management and coaching service provider with many years of experience. Our individual tailored services and packages are dedicated to assisting our clients’ career objectives and professional success. Our career consulting team specialise in providing career development solutions for thousands of professionals at all career levels from recent graduates and young job-seekers to team leaders, managers and senior executives across many industries.


With the expertise and knowledge of Modern Trainers’ career management consultants by your side, you can unlock your career prospects and take control of your career and your life.

Career Management

We’ll help you by constructing the most suitable program for you by learning about who you are and defining what you want and mapping out a career strategy with different career coaching modules and/or one-to-one sessions to fast-track your career.

Career Counselling Services

One-on-one consultation with our experienced Career Coach to discuss your career direction and your career issues, providing career advice to map out your strategic career plan, a clarification on your career development objectives and suggestions on your potential career directions if you are in between opportunities.

Executive Coaching

All of Modern Trainers’ Executive coaching packages are individually tailored to achieve your desired outcomes and specified needs. Topics can range from a self-perception assessment and business diagnostic through to developing ongoing career and personal goals with appropriate strategies and plans including “self-marketing”.

Coaching Workshops

We provide a four-stage personal coaching program. The first two sessions will focus on how you manage yourself and the last two sessions will cover how you handle relationships with others in regard to personal and professional communications. See further below >>

Our clients range from individual job-seekers, to large corporate organisations.

Looking for a New Direction?
Modern Trainers can help you prepare fully for todays job market.

We provide you with the tools to have the edge over rival applicants in the job market.

Our 4-session Workshop Series Covers Personal & Social Competences

The first two sessions will focus on how you manage yourself and the last two sessions will cover how you handle relationships with others in regard to personal and professional communications.

1. Effective Communication &
Active Listening

Focuses on improving the basic techniques of effective communication and listening skills. Listening is not the same as hearing; hence, active listening ability not only refers to getting the words being spoken but also how they are being delivered including non-verbal messages sent with them.

3. Relationship Building &
Managing Your Talk

social competencies starting with building and developing connections in communication. In other words, we are looking at effective ways to manage relationships.

2. Confident Communication &
Cultural Understanding

Provides a deeper development of emotional ability to convey messages with verbal and non-verbal languages.

As non-verbal communication can be very culture-specific, one of the main topics during this session will be cultural awareness, beliefs and perception and gaining better understanding.

4. Avoiding Misunderstanding &
Influencing People

Focuses on more advanced interpersonal communication skills including change management, stress management, assertiveness, negotiation and people influence while incorporating other personal elements from the first two sessions to avoid barriers to effective communication.

Benefits of Working with Modern Trainers’ Career Management Programs

  • Structured Career Coaching System

    A structured and proven career coaching system involving a practical approach to job search and career development strategy.

  • Clarify Career Objectives

    A greater understanding of your strengths and weaknesses to clarify your immediate career objectives and pathway.

  • Career Options & Career Development

    A discovery of your career options and career development paths to define your short, medium and long-term career objectives

  • Effective Coaching Packages

    A complete coaching through all stages of your career kick-start, your career change or your career transition.

  • Ongoing Career Management Plans

    A development of a long-term plan for ongoing career management

  • Career Transitioning

    A set of highly effective tools and resources for the success of your job seeking and career transitioning.

  • Self-Marketing Techniques

    A well-managed complete portfolio of “self-marketing” techniques, tools and methods to showcase your unique qualities and skills.

  • Personalised Support

    Personalised support under no time-restrained contract through the challenging or critical phases including your probationary period.

  • Experienced Consultants

    Be personally micro-managed by the UK’s most experienced career management consultants.

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